Campaign Against Illegal Migration

With assignment from the Joint Agencies Task Force of the Australian Border Agency, Purplewood has just started working on a campaign to discourage illegal migration, especially via sea routes.

Over the past years, heartbreaking images and snippets have been wafting from the sea route that stretches from the Bangladeshi-Myanmar coast to Malaysia, Thailand and eventually Australia. Thousands of people crammed inside wooden boats in inhumane conditions – often subjected to exploitation, torture and violence – have been found floating around. Many have died of hunger, many have been murdered and thrown overboard.


If the flow of illegal migrants can be stemmed from the source country, it could constitute an important step towards preventing unnecessary hardship and loss of lives.

As a part of this assignment, Purplewood will work in 14 districts of Bangladesh, especially in coastal communities. Core objective will be to (a) create awareness about the possibility (or lack thereof) of actually reaching Australia, (b) discredit fraudulent agents / traffickers and (c) shed light on more productive uses for one’s assets.

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