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NAAFCO is a Bangladeshi agro-inputs (seeds, fertilizer, pesticides) manufacturing and marketing company. While it produces quality products, the company has a weak market presence. In an attempt to expand the supply of quality inputs for Bangladeshi farmers, USAID’s Agricultural Value Chains is supporting NAAFCO with branding and a pilot marketing campaign.


(In conjunction with Red Rocket) Purplewood has recommended consolidating NAAFCO’s sub-brands into a single identity. For the campaign, it has used community-based messaging (farmer-to-farmer referral), quality and performance models and influencer-targeted activities (trainings, workshops, in-store troubleshooting) to create awareness and reinforce NAAFCO’s supporting role in agriculture.


Considerable interest was generated through the pilot campaign, which was measured at retail points and through calls placed to NAAFCO’s helpline. Further recommendations for gathering marketing intelligence and scaling up market-based promotions and relationship-marketing have been placed.

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