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More and more Bangladeshi women of reproductive age are entering the workforce. This means that more and more women are not being able to properly breastfeed young infants, since there are no adequate facilities for breastfeeding at the workplace. This is especially true for the RMG sector, where up to 80% of employees may be young females.


Purplewood developed the ‘Mothers@Work’ brand for the program. A carefully-tailored, stratified campaign and publicity plan was developed under the brand. Using upstream social marketing to reach factory owners, employing community media to reach workers and devising mechanisms for in-factory knowledge-sharing – the Mothers@Work campaign managed to set a successful example for potential participants. See introductory video here.


The national Maternity Protection and Breastfeeding at the Workplace toolkit is currently in development. Compared to the initial target of five (05) factories, Mothers@Work now has nearly sixty (60) factories that have signed up. Other countries including Ghana and Indonesia have expressed interest to locally replicate the program and campaign.

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