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Every year, river erosion renders thousands of families homeless. Because their homes and agricultural land is often eroded away, they have no way of getting back up on their feet. UK-based NGO Practical Action has come up with the idea of using sandbars (barren, sandy islets) to put river-eroded communities back to work. Using a first-in-the-world innovation, communities have started producing pumpkins and squashes on the barren, unclaimed sandbars. Purplewood, along with Innovision Consulting, was brought in to market sandbar crops.


Purplewood developed a brand name ‘Mitha’ (Sweet) for the pumpkins and developed branded materials for promotions. It further developed presentations and facilitated linkage meetings with food processing companies, retail outlets and vegetable exporters – so that river-eroded farmers could earn a decent price for their produce.


Practical Action is currently negotiating a large export consignment and in talks with two large retailers who have shown interest in selling sandbar crops from their stores.

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Purplewood infographic

Purplewood infographic on the pumpkin market system.