Branding Breastfeeding at Work

Can branding help convince business owners to provide better maternity protection services to women in their employ? Can Bangladeshi working women truly achieve work-life balance, without compromising either, and without feeling guilty or attracting social disapproval? Nearly 15 million women work in the readymade garments sector of Bangladesh. While employed, many of them marry, conceive … Continue reading Branding Breastfeeding at Work

Behavior Change | Clean Cooking in Bangladesh

BY ADNAN R AMIN In 2016, the Global Alliance for Clean Cookstoves contracted social and behavior change communication (SBCC)¬†agency Purplewood, to carry out a pilot behavior change and demand generation campaign in 12 districts. PW distanced the effort from existing associations of improved cookstoves and adopted a category branding approach. The category was called, 'Modern … Continue reading Behavior Change | Clean Cooking in Bangladesh

Purplewood Goes Into Kitchens

A purplewood team has been going around inspecting people's kitchen all over Bangladesh. In the beginning of June 2016, it was around Dhaka Kolatiya and Keraniganj. Then the team traveled further south to Jessore, Khulna, Dumuria, Chuknagar and Ruprampur. Why?¬†We'll tell you why. Purplewood won the contract to carry out a campaign to popularize … Continue reading Purplewood Goes Into Kitchens