Partner Project Year Description
International Finance Corporation Content & design development for Customs Modernization SAP 2019 Develop a design layout for Bangladesh Custom’s Modernization Strategic Action Plan 2019-22; provide writing, editing and printing services as needed.
International Finance Corporation Event management for Customs Modernization SAP 2019 Provide basic event management services to BICF II team, for organizing publication ceremony. Attendees included VIPs, NBR members and high-ranking officials, development partners and media journalists.
Swisscontact Bangladesh Developing Stakeholder Case-Studies for Making Markets Work for the Chars (M4C) project 2019 Developing inquiry plan, visiting beneficiaries on demand and supply sides of the MSD project, taking beneficiary interviews, drafting case-studies for public (i.e. non-specialist) consumption
Global Alliance for Improved Nutrition (GAIN) Strengthening Women’s Ability for Productive New Opportunities (SWAPNO) 2019-20 [CIO Note: award didn’t materialize]
World Food Programme National Teaser Campaign on Healthy Diets 2019 Concept and brand strategy development, pretesting, creation of brand asset and guidelines, graphic design, video production, social media promotion, media planning, media airing, outdoor advertising and implementation and monitoring of the national teaser campaign.
Nutrition International Documentation of Nutrition International’s activities in Bangladesh 2018-19 Conduct field trips to intervention areas, develop coherent narrative, write script, decide on creative / executive style, carry out filming in multiple locations, produce comprehensive video documentary on NI’s works
USAID Feed the Future / ACDI/VOCA Rice & Diversified Crops Activity 2018-19 Long-Term Agreement to conduct formative research, carry out stakeholder consultation, develop communication strategy, develop content and design materials, pilot campaign with market actors / input companies in agriculture sector.
World Food Programme Formative Research for National Campaign for Maternal and Adolescent Nutrition 2018-19 Conduct extensive mixed-method qualitative research on dietary behavior and drivers and barriers in food habits all across Bangladesh.
USAID Feed the Future / ACDI/VOCA Livestock Productivity and Nutrition Project 2018-19 Conduct formative research, carry out stakeholder consultations, devise precise and tailored communication strategy, develop content and design materials for nutrition-sensitive livestock productivity enhancement
USAID Feed the Future / WorldFish Feed the Future, Bangladesh Aquaculture and Nutrition Activity 2018-19 Conduct formative research, carry out stakeholder consultations, arrange stakeholder meetings, develop 5-year communication strategy for BANA Activity, and its grant-recipient organizations.
United Nations Foundation, ICDDR,B GEOHealth Project 2018 Conduct field research, develop communication (SBCC) strategy, and materials.
UNICEF Bangladesh National Maternity Protection and Breastfeeding at the Workplace Initiative 2016-18 Conducting audience research, developing a brand, developing communication strategy for 2-years, developing 27 separate communication materials, including three video productions. Developing pitching decks and contributing to smooth implementation and troubleshooting for program implementation.
BRAC Social Business Model for CEP’s Popular Theater 2017-18 Conduct field research, carry out consultations, consensus building, develop new social business model, and associated communication plan.
United Nations Foundation Clean Household Air Pollution (CHAP) Project 2017-19 Developing communication strategy and marketing plan for Clean Cooking products. Implementing campaign.
Australian Department for Immigration and Border Protection (Commonwealth contract) Campaign on Illegal Boat Migration 2016-17 Research, photography, copywriting, script development, material design, film production, below the line advertising, outdoor advertising, SBCC planning and implementation in 14-district campaign to discourage illegal migration by sea.
United Nations Foundation, MPEMR Bangladesh Pilot Campaign 2016-17 Conceptualizing, designing, implementing and monitoring the 12 district pilot campaign for improved cookstoves in Bangladesh;
USAID Agricultural Value Chains Marketing pilot for local agro input producer 2016-17 Working with local agro company NAAFCO to develop a marketing model and standard operating procedures, in collaboration with Red Rocket.
USAID / Practical Action Market linkage and extension for sandbar pumpkins 2016-17 [Collaboration with Innovision] conducting marketing research and developing a marketing framework for sandbar pumpkins. Piloting market extension activities with retailers, processors and exporters to expand market for innovative, humane crop.
USAID / SNV / Islamic Relief (Kenya) Marketing strategy for AgroSolar 2016-17 [Collaboration with Innovision] Developing a marketing strategy for solar powered drip irrigation technology developed by SunCulture and piloted by Islamic Relief in Kenya.
GIZ Bangladesh Retained Heat Cooker 2014 Developing promotional materials including user videos for GIZ’s Retained Heat Cooker (Magic Bag).
International Finance Corporation Partnership for Cleaner Textile 2013-14 Managed all strategy development, graphic designing, material development, website content development, designing and event management work.